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A laboratory-produced molecule that's engineered to recognize and bind for the floor of most cancers cells. Monoclonal antibodies mimic the antibodies Obviously made by the human body's immune procedure that attack invading foreign substances, like germs and viruses.

The observe of giving compact amounts of an allergy-creating substance as a way to promote the formation of antibody that can neutralize it.

A condition wherein a blood clot types inside a principal vein that returns blood stream from the extremities back to the guts and lungs. Such a clot may perhaps increase big enough to completely block the vein or can pose a significant threat if A part of it breaks off and travels towards the lungs.

A passing in the pores and skin, as in absorption of the ointment made up of the Energetic component; also passage throughout the skin by needle puncture, such as introduction of wires and catheters.

Positron emission tomography, also referred to as PET or simply a PET scan, is actually a diagnostic assessment that utilizes modest quantities of radioactive components identified as radiotracers, a Unique digital camera and a pc to aid Examine your organ and tissue features.

An assessment with the reduced rectum plus the prostate gland in males to check for abnormalities. The phrase "electronic" refers to the clinician's usage of a lubricated finger to carry out the Examination.

A sort of computed tomography engineering with a two-dimensional (two-D) detector that generates multiple, thinner slices in one rotation as well as a shorter period of time letting for more detail and Read Product Info extra see abilities.

A minimally invasive process through which anti-cancer drugs are sent into your peritoneal cavity via a catheter linked to a peritoneal port, a little reservoir or chamber surgically implanted underneath the skin near the abdomen. intrauterine

A high-quality wire by which electrical current might circulation when hooked up to an influence resource; utilized to carry substantial frequency electrical currents that make warmth or damage diseased tissue (known as radiofrequency ablation) or seal blood vessels. There are 2 forms of needle electrodes: a straightforward straight needle; in addition to a straight, hollow needle that contains a number of retractable electrodes that extend when necessary.

Not cancerous. Can also be defined as non-malignant. Benign is likewise utilised to describe professional medical problems which have a gentle study course.

One of several two tubes extending through the uterus for the ovaries, supplying a route by which the ovum, or egg, travels within the ovary to your uterus for the duration of ovulation.

An irregular audio listened to when listening by using a stethoscope in excess of an organ or blood vessel like the carotid artery inside the neck.

An x-ray assessment of the uterus and fallopian tubes carried out once the injection of a contrast substance. hysteroscope

Cancerous cells, also known as a tumor, ready to improve into bordering tissue, unfold to other areas of your body and ruin regular cells. Malignant is also less usually made use of to explain other health care problems which can be serious and turning into progressively worse.

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